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Gary's Ballroom & Western Dance

Private Dance Instruction

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Private Dance Instruction
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Private Lessons For You


Private Dance Instruction takes you to the next step in perfecting your dance. Gary offers 1 hour private lessons for couples or singles at the studio or in your home.   The cost is $50 per hour.   Call Gary at 816.260.0493 (business phone).

Private lessons are great to have a personal instruction of dance techniques and form. Dancing with the Stars shows how the average person can WOW the audience after taking private lessons. Personal attention to your needs and making you look great on the dance floor for the Social Dancer or the competition dancer. Gary takes a hands on approach to teaching his students. You will learn not only the steps but the right techniques. You will feel the confidence when you dance knowing your position and style shine as well as the steps you take.


Regardless of your past experience you can learn to dance. With Country Western dance styles such as the Two-Step, line dancing or graceful moves such as the Waltz, you can learn dances that you see others dancing at local venues. Exciting dances like the West and East Coast Swing let you boogey to the music with the flair of Astaire. Try the latin beat with the Salsa and Merengue dances or Rumba and Tango with style. Gary has many long time students. Gary's focus is teaching you how to perform the correct stance, moves, and technique that will impress your friends or improve your competition dancing.

The picture below is of Gary and long time student and friend Teresa.

Teresa and Gary Cox

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Gary's Ballroom & Western Dance Phone: 816-260-0493.